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Report Links Better Teacher Prep To Better Reading Instruction

With the current emphasis on research-based programs, an International Reading Association (IRA) panel has released a timely research report that offers the ingredients for quality reading instruction.

Prepared to Make a Difference ( PDF, 471 KB, 20 pp) highlights the results of the three-year research effort of the National Commission on Excellence in Elementary Teacher Preparation for Reading Instruction, which IRA convened in 1999.

The research also shows evidence on how some of America's best college programs prepare teachers for reading. This report points out that while many research reviews have concluded that teacher preparation has tremendous potential for influencing teaching effectiveness, "until now there has been no compelling research that documents that influence or the qualities of effective programs. Indeed, until now there have been no conclusive data about the impact of quality preparation on teaching effectiveness."

The report is available for purchase from IRA. Key findings provide "compelling evidence that an investment in quality reading teacher preparation at the undergraduate level contributes to effective teaching and learning of reading in elementary schools," according to the IRA. The Commission's research findings provide the first scientific research evidence identifying eight "critical features of teacher preparation programs that produce excellent classroom teachers of reading."