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NCESP Network

National Council for Education Support Professionals

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What is the National Council for Education Support Professionals (NCESP)?

NCESP is a special-interest council whose general purpose is to represent its members in all issues relating to Education Support Professionals.

Who qualify to join as members of NCESP?

NCESP has three membership categories and one state affiliate sponsorship category. Individual membership is available to active NEA ESP only. As an individual member you will have voting rights and will be able to join in at NCESP meetings where decisions such as new business items, officer elections and candidate endorsements are made. Associate membership is available to all NEA members or affiliates who support ESP specific objectives of the council. As an associate member you will not have a voting status but can join in as observers at the NCESP meetings. Organizational memberships are open to ESP locals and state affiliates. State affiliate sponsorship is open to NEA state affiliates only. As a state affiliate sponsor you do not have any voting rights but serve in support of ESP’s through the National Council for Education Support Professionals. 

How much does membership cost annually?

Individual membership cost $20 annually, associate membership cost $10 annually and organizational membership varies according to member size. For organizations with 1-100 members the annual cost is $75, 101-200 members is $150, 201-300 members is $325 and 301 plus members is $400 annually. State affiliate sponsorship cost $500 for platinum sponsorship, $400 for gold sponsorship, $300 for silver sponsorship, and $200 for bronze sponsorship.

What benefit does NCESP membership have for me?

As a NCESP member you will receive:

  • Four annual NCESP Network newsletters, keeping you abreast with current organizational events, and activities of the Council and it’s officers.
  • Advocacy, as one common voice, in your behalf on issues and concerns affecting ESP in our organization.
  • Advocacy to develop programs through the NEA that have a positive impact on problems faced by ESP. 
  • National, state, regional and local updates at both regional conferences and national NCESP meetings held at the NEA Representative Assembly and the NEA ESP Conference.

How can I join?

NCESP membership can be obtained at any NCESP meeting conducted at regional and national conferences, by contacting your NCESP regional director or by contacting the NCESP President. You can also print out an electronic copy of our membership forms by clicking the appropriate membership link in the right column of this webpage. Follow the directions at the top of each form to reduce delays in membership.