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Truth in Labeling: Disproportionality in Special Education

The NEA Education Policy and Practice Department is offering a new educators' guide, Truth in Labeling: Disproportionality in Special Education.

NEA views disproportionality -- when students of a particular population or demographic group are over- or underrepresented in special or gifted education programs relative to their group's presence in the overall student population -- as an important issue to address in local or state efforts to close the gaps in student achievement.

Parents, teachers, administrators, school board members, community decision-makers, education support professionals, and NEA local association leaders all have a stake in making certain that students who are culturally and linguistically diverse receive an excellent and appropriate education. 

Truth in Labeling is a collaborative effort of the NEA and the National Association of School Psychologists.  The guide provides educators with basic information about disproportionality -- what it is, what causes it, and what the implications are for students, schools, and the community. It offers recommendations on addressing disproportionality at the classroom, school, and community levels.  And, it includes helpful research references and resources.

The Truth in Labeling guide can be purchased from the NEA Professional Library at a special NEA member price of $9.95 (nonmember price is $12.95). You can also download a free copy here (PDF, 1.1 MB, 56 pages).

While you are online, you may also want to purchase copies of NEA's first educators' guide (The Puzzle of Autism ) or the second guide (The Twice-Exceptional Dilemma ) from the NEA Professional Library. 


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