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Teacher Talk: Weighing In on National Board Certification

Seeking National Board Certification represents the highest form of professional development and its value can be found as much in the process as the outcome. As part of the assessment process, candidates must deconstruct and analyze their teaching, which helps them better assess their effectiveness in improving student learning. These same skills also help prepare NBCTs to mentor other teachers.

Here are stories from colleagues around the country who decided to take on this professional development challenge.

Meet Teachers Who Have Achieved Certification

Julie Hutcheson-Downwind, National Board Certified Teacher Rhonda Hale, National Board Certified Teacher Barbara Grogg, National Board Certified Teacher
Minnesota teacher Julie Hutcheson-Downwind chronicled her journey from novice teacher to NBCT. "Colleagues look at board-certified teachers in new ways," says Kentucky's Rhonda Hale. Barbara Grogg of Delaware describes the NBC process as more meaningful than her master's degree.
Tom White, National Board Certified Teacher Katherine Wright Knight,  National Board Certified Teacher Linda Edwards,  National Board Certified Teacher
Tom White of Washington state enjoyed the challenges of National Board Certification. Katherine Wright Knight of Arkansas advises those considering NBC: "Try it, you'll like it!" National Board Certification was a pivotal point in the career of Colorado's Linda Edwards.