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Conference Planning Sheet for Parents

A conference with your child's teacher is scheduled for ___________ at ________ in room _____. This planning sheet will help you think about what you may want to discuss during the conference. Please bring it to the conference with you.

A) Talk to your child before the conference. Explain that you are going to be meeting with your child's teacher. Tell them you want to help the teacher as much as you can. Find out what his or her best subjects are, and what subjects he or she likes the least. Ask why certain subjects are easier than others. Also, ask your child if there is anything you should talk about with his or her teacher(s).

B) To help you prepare, think about the following questions before you come to the conference:

  1. What are my goals for my child this year?
  2. Is my child dealing with any health problems or family situations that could affect his or her behavior or academic progress?
  3. What do I want the teacher to know about my child? (For example, personality, habits, hobbies)

C) To use the conference time efficiently, write down any questions you have for your child's teacher(s) about the curriculum or classroom expectations.

For example:

D) Children do better in school when their parents are actively involved in their education. Before you leave the conference, ask this question:

Reprinted from Meeting the Challenge: Special Education Tools That Work for All Kids
By Patti Ralabate, NEA Professional Associate for Special Needs, June 2002