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The ESP Quality Department

Education Support Professionals are the fastest growing constituency group within the membership of the National Educational Association.  The NEA Education Support Professional Quality (ESPQ) department exists to improve the work lives of NEA’s nearly half-million ESP members. We advocate for national policies that benefit ESPs, assist state affiliates with ESP organizing and retention, and provide professional development resources and leadership training for ESP members.

Who We Are

Roxanne Dove, Director

Lisa Zimmerman, Business Manager

Shawn Scott, Senior Administrative Assistant

ChiChi Comsti, Research Analyst

Richard Floyd, Senior Program and Financial Specialist

Jessica Brinkley, Senior Program/Policy Specialist

Lisa Connor, Senior Program/Policy Specialist

Grace Hwang-Friedman, Senior Program/Policy Specialist

Jennie Young, Senior Program/Policy Specialist

Sara Robinson, Communications Specialist

Contact the ESP Quality department at