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NEA National Back to School Tour

NEA President Dennis Van Roekel visits educators across the country to highlight NEA's “Raise Your Hand for Public Education” initiative.

As students and teachers headed back to school, the National Education Association joined them on its annual “Back to School Tour.” NEA President Dennis Van Roekel crisscrossed the country September 9 to 13 to raise awareness about the organization’s bold new initiative to further strengthen public education through the power of its members: “Raise Your Hand for Public Education.” The tour made stops in Portland, Ore.; Salem, Ore.; Chicago, Ill.; Minneapolis, Minn.; and Boston, Mass.

“Raise Your Hand for Public Education” is a national initiative that aims to supercharge the drive for public education and student success. The foundation of the campaign rests on the strong belief that educators – not politicians or self-proclaimed “reform” experts – know what works. Educators have the best experience and expertise to lead and act for student success. The campaign has identified four simple yet ambitious goals: successful students, accomplished professionals, dynamic collaboration and empowered school leaders.

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Raise Your Hand for Public Education

NEA is issuing a renewed call to action—Raise Your Hand—a national initiative to mobilize educators, parents, and community leaders who share our commitment to ensuring the success of all our students.

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