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Tell Congress: Help Struggling States Protect Health Care


Although Congress has adjourned for the campaign season, the economic crisis continues. As many as 27 states are predicting deficits for this fiscal year of at least $25 billion. A growing number of states have made or are considering harmful cuts in health care, education and other vital services:

  • Many school districts are being forced to raise prices for school meals due to escalating food costs.
  • Rising fuel costs are forcing school districts to take drastic measures, including trimming or eliminating bus service, cutting all field trips, or shortening the school week.
  • Some states have already been forced to layoff school staff. For example, Detroit has laid off 700 teachers; Los Angeles has laid off 500 administrators; and Miami-Dade County has laid off hundreds of school psychologists, maintenance workers, and custodians.
  • California is short $3 billion just this month to pay teachers and fund education programs.

Although Congress has taken some steps to address the economic crisis, more is needed to help states facing severe budget deficits. One proven, effective way to help states is to provide a temporary increase in federal matching funds for Medicaid costs. Such an increase will help relieve budget pressure and stave off cuts to education and health care.

Contact your Representatives in Congress Today!
Tell Members of Congress who are back home campaigning to help states avoid deep cuts in education and health care.