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Salary Calculator

Get some facts to back up your campaign for professional pay. The calculators below can help you determine what teachers really make, as well as illustrate what it takes to make ends meet in your community. Then take your information to your school board, your governor, or the bargaining table and show them why teachers are worth professional pay.

Calculate Your ‘True’ Salary

Tired of hearing critics argue that teachers are well-paid considering they "only work six hours a day and have their summers off"? (And where did that piece of fiction come from, anyway?) Use the calculator below to figure out your true hourly wage when all the essential but off-the-clock duties are counted.

Step One
Your annual salary:
Your number of contracted days in the school year:
Your number of contracted hours in the school day:
Your Contracted Hourly Wage:

Step Two
Enter the number of off-the-clock hours you spend each week on:
Grading papers at home:
Planning lessons:
Communicating with parents before and after school:
Extra help for students before and after school:
Enter the number of off-the-clock hours you spend each year on:
Setting up/taking down your classroom:
Writing grant proposals:
Shopping for school supplies:
Classes/prepping for your certification:
Coaching, club advising, play directoring, etc. :
Other teaching-related duties:
Your "Real" Hourly Wage: