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Tell Congress To Help Struggling Families And States Facing Budget Crises

News From Capitol Hill ...

December 5, 2008


 Congressional leaders are looking to put together an economic recovery package for consideration early next year.

NEA strongly believes that any stimulus package must include both assistance for struggling families and relief for states facing significant budget shortfalls. These are necessary to help families in the face of rising unemployment and escalating costs of basic necessities, as well as to prevent states from making cuts to education and other vital services.

Any economic recovery package should include:

  • A temporary increase in federal matching funds for Medicaid costs. Such an increase will help relieve budget pressure and stave off cuts to education and health care.
  • Job creation through investments in infrastructure, including school construction.
  • An increase in the federal share of the costs of educating students with disabilities.
  • Funding to close the Pell Grant shortfall - to help students access higher education and increase their earning potential.
  • Initiatives to help boost pre-k education.
  • Increases in food stamp benefits and other nutrition assistance for families struggling to survive in the face of rapidly rising food prices.
  • An extension of unemployment assistance to those who have exhausted their benefits.

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