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Results-Oriented Job Descriptions: Sample ROJD

Sample Description for an Instructional Assistant

In the Lakota School District, West Chester, Ohio, a committee writing and implementing Results-Oriented Job Descriptions recognized and defined a list of 602 different tasks and skills for Instructional Paraeducators. In doing so, they created what they considered to be a meaningful and accurate description of the work an Instructional Assistant actually does. This sample shows what a paraeducator ROJD might look like. It demonstrates the ROJD writing method and the difference between an ROJD and a traditional job description.

(The PDF version of this publication also contains sample job descriptions for three other paraeducator positions: Campus Monitor, Health Services Clerical Assistant, and Special Needs Classroom Assistant.)

Job Category: Paraeducator
Job Title: Instructional Assistant
Job Purpose: Enhancing student achievement
assisting the classroom teacher with student instruction

Complete classroom setup and take-down by:

  • Creating bulletin boards, placemats, birthday signs, name tags, and teaching charts
  • Creating sentence strips and artwork
  • Designing room layout (placement of tables, etc.)
  • Disinfecting equipment periodically - Cleaning equipment for summer storage
  • Preparing the room for next day, including vacuuming, washing toys, setting up playground equipment, periodically cleaning refrigerator, watering plants

Complete room setup for daily activities by:

    • Arranging chairs and other classroom furniture
    • Readying classroom supplies, i.e. cutting, laminating, copyingSetting up classroom for special activities including:
            Carpet circles and chairs
            Snacks and juice
            Paints, glue, paper, etc.
            Tabletime items, small group items, name tags, calendar
            Sensory table, puzzles, books, games, mortar boxes, easel and paints, etc.
    • Refilling soap and towel dispensers
    • Decorating bulletin boards
    • Changing children's artwork
    • Decorating rooms according to season or upcoming holiday

Assist with the arrival and departure of children by:

  • Monitoring and directing student traffic
  • Greeting students at buses or cars
  • Assisting with special needs equipment, including walkers, wheelchairs, pony, stander, etc.
  • Helping children enter and exit school bus
  • Escorting children into proper classroom
  • Helping children remove and hang up coats, backpacks, etc.
  • Instructing children on how to button, zip, put on and remove coats, hats, gloves, etc.

Maintain positive communication between parents and school by:

  • Communicating with parents
  • Identifying child's interests in order to use with instruction and to maintain contact
  • Checking book bags for notes or any parent-to-school communication
  • Checking for returned library books, special information, tuition, etc.
  • Placing school announcements, notices, completed projects, etc., into children's backpacks
  • Checking e-mail and voice mail for messages from parents
  • Delivering notes to school office
  • Preparing and distributing newsletter to parents and other teachers
  • Taking attendance and assisting child in delivering roster to office
  • Becoming familiar with simple sign language
  • attending family fun days or special evening events
  • Participating in all school-wide activities, meetings, conferences, etc.
  • Waiting with children for parent pick-up

Assist with the instruction of personal hygiene by:

  • Maintaining the standards of personal hygiene
  • Helping with toileting and toilet training
  • Reminding children to wash hands
  • Diapering using OSHA-approved methods
  • Washing children's faces and wiping noses
  • Changing soiled clothes when necessary

Provide appropriate food planning by:

  • Planning the weekly meal schedule
  • Providing the grocery shopping as necessary
  • Preparing food for the next day (sometimes the night beforeWiping and cleaning the tables before and after snack
  • Putting out placemats
  • Serving the daily snack
  • Instructing and encouraging positive table manners
  • Helping children properly feed themselves
  • Performing post-snack cleanup, washing dishes, bleaching tables, washing placemats, etc.

Monitor and provide positive discipline as necessary by:

  • Supervising all playground activity
  • Providing discipline for any behavioral issues firmly but positively
  • Being available to assist teacher with any discipline problems

Provide assistance with all instructional activities, games, etc. by:

  • Assisting with circle time (weather, story, calendar, songs)
  • Assisting children with cutting, gluing, painting, etc.
  • Reading stories to children
  • Providing small group one-on-one instruction with cooking, games, arts, crafts, puzzles, etc.
  • Conducting alphabet and numbers lessons
  • Assisting with writing skills exercises
  • Helping with written name recognition
  • Providing instruction in use of computers
  • Assisting children with musical instruments
  • Assisting children with one-on-one interaction and modeling
  • Encouraging speech and language concepts
  • Performing whatever tasks the teacher requires

Assisting with special needs children by:

  • Meeting and greeting special needs children at buses or transportation areas
  • Preparing special needs classrooms
  • Assisting with eating and nutritional needs throughout the day
  • Assisting special needs students at locker areas
  • Lifting and securing children safely as necessary
  • Assisting children with mobility in the classroom and from area to area as needed
  • Modifying activities appropriately for special needs children
  • Taking individual children to special classes
  • Assisting with speech and other social tasks
  • Assisting special needs children in all self-help activities as determined by teacher supervisor
  • Gathering parent contact information
  • Instructing students in transitional skills -- playtime to nap time, one subject area to another, including material preparation
  • Monitoring students in designated areas where necessary
  • Monitoring students in special classrooms
  • Removing students for behavioral disturbances
  • Removing a student for emotional reasons
  • Sorting parent communication regarding individual student needs
  • Distributing parent-teacher communicationGrading papers and tests
  • Assisting special needs students with correction of work
  • Making copies of material throughout the day
  • Keeping informational charts pertaining to student behavior and academic progress
  • Recording daily, weekly, monthly, quarterly, and yearly student information
  • Having the ability to use and maintain necessary special needs equipment and supplies as directed
  • Assisting with field trip activities
  • Assisting with cooking activities
  • Assisting with assemblies and other special functions
  • Assisting with Back-to-School Night
  • Assisting with PTA presentations
  • Training tutors and parent volunteers

Monitor and provide documentation of a child's performance by:

  • Recording performance comments as directed
  • Filing necessary documents and notes
  • Completing all paperwork, timesheets, schedules, etc.
  • Filing proof of special training, in-service hours, etc., with office for state inspector
  • Maintaining strict confidentiality at all times

Monitor and assist with student behavior management by:

  • Assisting in identification of student-related behavior problems
  • Implementing behavior modifications as directed by classroom teacher
  • Implementing behavior modification plans as directed
  • Implementing and directing building safety and discipline procedures
  • Maintaining student record confidentiality
  • Communicating behavior classifications to administrators and parents as directed
  • Communicating with other staff as directly appropriate regarding behavior issues
  • Serving as liaisons between the program specialists and the classroom teacher

Provide student supervision in nonacademic areas by:

  • Supervising activities on the playground at lunch and at recess
  • Supervising students in the lunchroom as directed by principal
  • Supervising students during bus arrivals and departures
  • Supervising students on the bus as directed by the driver
  • Escorting students to designated areas throughout the school for activities as directed by supervisor or teacher
  • Accompanying students during fire drills and practice for emergency shutdowns

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