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The World Celebrates President Obama

Education union leaders, from both Education International and its affiliates around the world, celebrate Barack Obama as the new president of the United States.  Here are excerpts from their letters, faxes and emails to NEA:

Education International

We know how hard your organization campaigned at all levels and in every state for Mr. Obama to win this election.  Although the challenges will be many, there is great hope that Mr. Obama will spearhead a new world order which is more collaborative and less confrontational.  We look forward to working with you to help Mr. Obama achieve his vision of a quality public education system open to all children.
 Fred van Leeuwen, Education International, Belgium


I don't think I expected the euphoria and feeling of hope that Obama being elected would generate - not just for the US but for all of us.  I still have tears of joy over the result.
 Susan Hopgood, Australian Education Union, Education International Vice President for  Asia / Pacific 

Congratulations on the election of Obama; now the hard work begins!

Chris Watts, Independent Education Union of Australia

Republic of Congo

We are particularly happy that your candidate, our candidate Obama won the US presidential election.  You truly have a great nation that has shown the world a true lesson in democracy.  The extent of this victory astonishes us as the American people are surmounting the racial divide.
 Daniel Moukoko, Fédération des Travailleurs de la Science, des Sports, de  l'Enseignement, de l'Information et de la Culture, FETRASSEIC


You'd think he was President here, too - more enthusiasm and follow-up than our own election!
 Barbara MacDonald Moore, Canadian Teachers' Federation


Congratulations!  The United States is living a historical event - and so the whole world is!
 Education will be the winner.
 Patrick Gonthier, UNSA-Education, Education International Vice President for Europe


Where were you when America elected Obama? This will be the question that people will ask years from now.  I was in Malta at the Education International Early Childhood Education Conference.  So, we hope this means CHANGE!
 Ritva Semi, Opetusaland Ammattijärjestö, OAJ

Costa Rica

The triumph of Obama fills to us with hope that we will establish a level of governing ourselves with democratic relations between the United States and Latin America.  The government of President Obama must learn to establish relations like the ones that we have built between the union sectors and civil society, in the United States and Latin America.
 Loreto Muñoz, Education International - Latin America


.we hope that this new period have a positive impact in the international arena and contribute to developing good international relations, as well to get a significant improvement in the common world problems.  We agree with your future President that if we all want it, "Yes, we can!"
 José Campos Trujillo, FECCOO-Spain


The Zimbabwe Teachers Association and the entirety of our membership would like to congratulate the NEA for your brave stand, relentless efforts, and successful campaign in support of the new president, Barack Obama.
 Tendai Chikowore, Zimbabwe Teachers' Association, ZIMTA

United Kingdom

We are all dog tired today because many of us sat up to watch the US election results and were delighted that Obama won! We could do with someone like that over here! 
 Janey Hulme, National Union of Teachers


Obama to the White House - I salute you on this great day in the history of America.
 Maggie Flomo, National Teachers' Association of Liberia


This victory of Obama was possible because of the strong support of the American trade union movement.  We hope that your new president will strengthen quality education in your county and that he will actively contribute to make possible a world of peace and social justice.
 Ulrich Thöne, Gewerkschaft Erziehung und Wissenschaft, GEW