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Your Professional Papers

A Checklist of Papers to File in a Safe Place

From the North Carolina Association of Educators
Every educator should have a "Professional Papers" file that includes records and documents relating to his or her employment. Start yours by finding your letter of employment and putting it in the file. Keep the file in a safe place. Check off the items listed below as you add them to your file.
  • Your letter of employment
  • Your teaching certificate
  • College transcripts
  • Your teaching contract and any supplemental contracts
  • Records relating to retirement benefits
  • Leave records
  • NEA liability insurance policy
  • Copies of your teaching schedule and assignments
  • Your school system's salary schedule and your yearly salary notice
  • Any correspondence to or from the school administration
  • Any letters of reprimand or praise
  • Resumes of any conferences with supervisors
  • All professional evaluations
  •  Documentation of awards, commendations, or honors you receive
  • Records of any job-related seminars, workshops, or conferences you attend 
  • Letters to and from parents
  • Brief accounts of parent conferences
  • Record of any incidents that may increase your liability, such as disciplinary actions, student accidents, and so forth
  • Proof of your membership in the NEA, your state education association, and your local education association
  • Local association master contract
  • School calendar
  • System policy on corporal punishment

Source: Tools for Success, A Handbook for First Year Teachers' Professional Growth. The North Carolina Association of Educators.