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Letter to the Senate HELP Committee Reiterating our Support for Representative Solis as Labor Secretary

February 09, 2009

Dear Senator:

We are deeply concerned about the delay in confirming Representative Hilda Solis as Secretary of Labor.  This is a difficult time for working families all across America.  Thousands of people lose their jobs each week.  Parents worry about how they will provide even the basic necessities for their children.  Now is the time for a strong Department of Labor led by a Secretary who will vigorously champion the rights of working Americans.  Hilda Solis is the right choice to lead this critical department in these challenging times.

Representative Solis understands that there is a direct connection between public education and economic success.  From leading the battle to increase the minimum wage in California to sponsoring victorious legislation in Congress to provide training for green collar jobs, she has a solid record on labor and education issues in America.  As a California state senator, Solis won a substantial victory to increase California's minimum wage.  In May of 2007, after she cosponsored the Fair Minimum Wage Act, the federal minimum wage increase to $7.25 per hour was signed into law.

Hilda Solis’ efforts are a positive force for labor and show a strong commitment to our working families.  She will work to assure that workers get the pay they have earned and that they work in safe, healthy, and fair workplaces.  She will be a strong advocate in addressing the retirement security crisis and will work hard to protect every worker from job discrimination.

America’s workers cannot afford any further delays.  It is time for the Senate to act to ensure a strong Department of Labor that supports our nation’s workforce.  We urge the HELP Committee and the full Senate to support the nomination of Representative Hilda Solis as Secretary of Labor. 


Dennis Van Roekel