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Publication Logo : March 2009

Cover Story: What's Your Major?

They say you can’t go home again.

But fortunately, as many happy retired educators have found, the same logic does not apply to education—you certainly can go back to college again.

Statistics indicate that older Americans, many of whom have already retired from a successful career, are going back to school in record numbers.

Keep the Fire Lit
People come to all sorts of realizations in houses of worship. For Fannie Simmons it was the structure itself that inspired her quest
Like many other retired educators, Clarissa Morris of Casper, Wyoming has kept very busy in retirement.
It was tears, smiles, and lots of layers for NEA-Retired members who braved the cold and the crowds to attend the presidential inauguration.
Check out what our members are doing to stay active after retirement.
Yeah, yeah, yeah, you’ve heard these safety tips before. Question is, do you follow them?
Retired teacher Allen Cox needs only to pick up a newspaper to find grim validation for his new career as a leader in financial literacy programs for students.

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