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ESPs on Political and Union Involvement
ESPs reflect on the importance of political and union involvement in their workplace and community.

ESP Issues - National Coverage Articles

Pressure on Paraeducators
Read how special education students and ELLs lead districts to ramp up the training of paraeducators.

Despite Political Battle, Schools Forge Ahead With Healthier Lunches
Read how USDA's efforts to push healthier school lunch continue to help students have better health, less absences and increased focus.

Protecting Union Rights
The right to organize and join a union is, for most employees, a fundamental employment protection under federal and state “labor” laws. Check out the collective bargaining factsheets and help your affiliate promote and defend collective bargaining and worker rights.

Unionizing for Fairness
Job security, workplace conditions, fairness and respect are basic issues being discussed among the University of Vermont and Mount Hood Community Oregon, where classified staff employees have recently joined the NEA.

How does the Affordable Care Act (ACA) affefct you?
Read the 5 most important things you need to know about the ACA that apply to your age group, family and culture. State by state fact sheet is also available for review.

The School Day Just Got Healthier
Students can expect benefits from healthier and more nutrious food options in school. Download the free The School Day Just Got Healthier Toolkit for resources that will help your school prepare for the changes in school meals this year

President's Council on Fitness, Sports & Nutrition
The President's Council has launched a new physical activity outreach initiative highlighting the physical and cognitive benefits of regular activity for youth. Physical Activity Guidelines for Americans and new PSA's are available that educate and empower parents and caregivers about the importance of regular physical activity for their kids and the postiive impact it can have on academic performance.

Presidential Youth Fitness Program
The President's Council on Fitness, Sports & Nutrition announced they are phasing out their Youth and Fitness Test and replacing it with the Presidential Youth Fitness Program. This school-based program is voluntary and represents a significant change in how schools and parents approach physical fitness.

The Truth About Healthy Foods and Kids
NEAVice President Lily Eskelsen explains how school nurses are working with instructional staff to help connect the dots among healthy food choices and feeling good throughout a healthy life.

National School Lunch Week
Schools are serving more and more healthy school lunch options and within the first few months students are already warming up.

Educator Enthusiasm Surges as Countdown to Election 2012 Begins
Read about long-time political activist and ESP member Jane Ligon and the work involved in getting family and neighbors out to vote.

The Truth About Healthy Foods and Kids
NEAVice President Lily Eskelsen explains how school nurses are working with instructional staff to help connect the dots among healthy food choices and feeling good throughout a healthy life.

School Buses: Are They Headed For Extinction?
School bus transprotation for middle and high school students in California is growing extinct at an alarming rate. Read about this growing trend. (The Press-Enterprise, April 14, 2012 )

Paraeducators: Quiet But Key School Presence
Paraeducators take their jobs seriously. There are specific traits and aptitudes that make someone a good paraeducator. Paraeducators impact student lives. (Chicago Tribune, February 28, 2012)

Two Romney's a Study in Contrasts: Michigan Ed Assoc President
Read what Michigan Education Association President and ESP member Steven Cook has to say about the difference between Romney and his father, former Governor George Romney. (EdVotes. February 23, 2012)

New Election 2012 Site
EdVotes unveiled a new Election 2012 site designed to keep readers up to date on pro-public news from the education perspective, facts on pivotal state ballot measures and initiatives, key state races and where the presidential candidates really stand.

Four Meaningful Resolutions of 2012
Educators can make all the difference in this crucial election year by speaking up for students and schools. Read how.

How the Food Industry Eats Your Kid's Lunch
An increasingly cozy alliance between companies that manufacture processed foods and companies that serve the meals is making students — a captive market — fat and sick while pulling in hundreds of millions of dollars in profits. (NY Times, December 2011)

Lines Grow Long for Free School Meals, Thanks to Economy
This week’s story from The New York Times about millions more school children receiving free or low cost-cost meals, up to 21 million from 17 million between 2006-7, is down-right shocking. The story notes that in eleven states alone there have been “four-year increases of 25 percent or more, huge shifts in a vast program long characterized by incremental growth.” (NY Times, November 2011)

President Obama Pushes for Progress on Economy
Read why Obama's most recent appointments are so important for strengthening the middle class.

VIDEO: ESP Member, Steven Brooks, Meets with Obama About Jobs Act
Steven Brooks, an Education Support Professional and member of the board of directors of the National Education Association, was at the White House on Tuesday, November 1, 2011 as part of NEA’s delegation meeting with President Obama to strategize on how to pass the American Jobs Act. The AJA would save the jobs of some 400,000 public school employees nationwide.

American Education Week 2011 Proclamation
American Education Week 2011 Proclamation signed by President Obama. (November 2011)

Education Support Professionals Essential for Student Success
Education Support Professionals play a vital role in helping to prepare students to lead successful lives. Read more.

VIDEO: NEA President and Association Members Meet with Obama About Jobs Act
NEA President Dennis Van Roekel leads a delegation of 11 Association members and leaders to a 'working' meeting on the American Jobs Act called by President Obama.

To view photos from this event click here. (November 1, 2011)

NEA Letter to the House in Support of the Nutrition Standards for School Meals
NEA supports the nutrition standards for school meals passed last year as part of the Healthy, Hunger-Free Kids Act.

VIDEO: Standing Strong Back-to-School Tour Recap
Standing Strong for Students tour shows that collaboration works. See collaboration in action!

ESP Members Speak Out on Back-to-School Tour
NEA President Dennis Van Roekel heard from over 60 Orange County, Florida bus drivers about current economic pressures and student saftey concerns.

For daily coverage, videos and pictorials of the tour click here.

VIDEO: ESPs Important in Helping Students be Healthy
NEA is committed to working for a better life for students by supporting services and ideas that help communities thrive, such as First Lady Michelle Obama's Let's Move Campaign. Shellie Pfohl, Executive Director of the President's Council on Fitness, Sports and Nutrition, spoke with more than 100 ESP conference participants about how their work and expertise can make Let's Move a reality in their school and community.

VIDEO: Education Support Professionals Critical to Student Success
Education Support Professionals are inseparable partners with teachers in the success of students in public schools. In Priority Schools especially, the fact that a majority of ESP live in the communities where they work provides parents a critical link to the schools. Hear from ESP leaders as they discuss the role of their colleagues in the schools.

Priority Schools: Education Support Professionals and the Community
Education Support Professionals are often a key link between schools and the community. Read how. (September 23, 2011)

USDA Cafeterias Shouldn't Be Cash Cows for Schools
New federal rules lay out which 'indirect' costs schools and districts can charge to their food-service operations.

ESP Members Support Students with Special Needs
Educational interpreters are an essential link to learning for many deaf and hard-of-hearing students.

Education Support Professionals: Partners in Education
A closer look at NEA's ESPs: who they are, what they do, and why they do it. We break it down for you here.

ESP in NEA Today

Common Ground on Common Core
Read how paraeducators fit in as Common Core State Standards (CCSS) are implemented in classrooms across the country.

Get in the Game!
NEA ESP of the Year winner Donna Schulze speaks to the 2013 NEA Representative Assembly delegation.

Paraeducators: Key to Classroom Operations
We know ESP say they work in education because they want to make a positive impact on students. Here is a story about four paraeducators from around the country. Read on about how these ESPs work to help students achieve academically and beyond.

Education Support Professionals on the Front Lines in Fight for School Modernization
Paraeducator Lynn Witts, of Polson High School in Montana, speaks on the need for school modernization. (NEA January 31, 2012)

Snow Days Mean No Pay for Some Support Professionals
In some districts across the country snow days are treated like holidays. Support professionals are forced to use vacation leave or lose a day's pay. (NEA January 2011)

ESP Game-Changers
ESPs are ready, willing and well able when it comes to getting politically active. Read what your colleagues are doing in their states to win for their students, schools and colleagues. (2011)

Gas Prices Tighten the Squeeze on School Budgets
Find out how rising fuel costs are straining school budgets across the country.

In Beverly Hills, Special Education Aides Could Use More Hours
For 30 years, Linda Omansky has worked in the Beverly Hills Unified School District, which carries that celebrity zip code, 90210, but suffers from the same school budget crisis as most districts. (January 2010)

ESPs Have Something to Teach
Education support professionals school students in life skills and other lessons. (E-Zine, January 20, 2010)

Sizing Up the Obesity Crisis
By nurturing healthy habits, public school educators are tipping the scales in kids' favor. (2010)

Privateer Exposed
Survey helps support professionals end bus outsourcing in Illinois. (October/November 2009)

ESP in the School Hall and the Church Hall
The same man who works in the classroom as a special education instructional assistant also stands at the pulpit on Sundays at two Arizona churches, preaching to his flock. (October/November 2009)

Bus Drivers Show the Door to a Private Company
Survey helps support professionals end bus outsourcing in Illinois. (September 2009)

Para-Teacher Partnerships
What's the secret behind their good relationships? (August 2009)

Quality of School Lunches Questioned
Fast food chains have higher quality and safety standards for the meat they use than the U.S. Department of Agriculture has for the meat used in the National School Lunch Program -- which serves 31 million students a day. (NEA, January 2009)

Bye Bye Salad Bar
When preparing for flu season, support professionals take stock and take extra measures to ensure student health. (E-Zine, January 2009)

Cleaning Schools for Health, Not for Appearance
Custodians learn to adapt in a world of budget cuts, green cleaning, and those ubiquitous germs. (2008)


2009 ESP of the Year

2009 ESP of the Year
Meet Kathie (in her own words) in this excerpt from WEA¹s video portrait of the 2009 ESP of the Year.

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