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ESP Issues - Video Coverage

ESPs on Political and Union Involvement
ESPs reflect on the importance of political and union involvement in their workplace and community.

Education Support Professionals Critical to Student Success
Education Support Professionals are inseparable partners with teachers in the success of students in public schools. In Priority Schools especially, the fact that a majority of ESP live in the communities where they work provides parents a critical link to the schools. Hear from ESP leaders as they discuss the role of their colleagues in the schools.

ESP Issues - National Coverage Articles

School Food Service Professionals Urge Expansion of Summer Meals Programs
Nearly 22 million children received free or reduced-price lunch through the National School Lunch Program last year. Remarkably, only 16% of those students participated in a summer meals program. Education support food service professionals and their colleagues across the nation see the need for summer meals, not just in the data but during their interaction with students. Read how ESPs are getting involved.

Pressure on Paraeducators
Read how special education students and ELLs lead districts to ramp up the training of paraeducators.

Despite Political Battle, Schools Forge Ahead With Healthier Lunches
Read how USDA's efforts to push healthier school lunch continue to help students have better health, less absences and increased focus.

Protecting Union Rights
The right to organize and join a union is, for most employees, a fundamental employment protection under federal and state “labor” laws. Check out the collective bargaining factsheets and help your affiliate promote and defend collective bargaining and worker rights.

The School Day Just Got Healthier
Students can expect benefits from healthier and more nutrious food options in school. Download the free The School Day Just Got Healthier Toolkit for resources that will help your school prepare for the changes in school meals this year.