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I Work at Keeping Students Engaged

By Carol Anson, Spokane, Washington

When I taught on the Colville Reservation in North Central Washington, I believe that I helped many potential dropouts to like school and to keep trying in school. 

I was a summer school teacher, science tutor to the middle school students, and a second grade team teacher. I used the most interesting lesson plans I could come up with. I utilized games, hands-on experiences, and a variety of individualized learning experiences such as studying the biographies of famous people who overcame obstacles. 

I used my creativity and sense of humor to plan and teach author studies of high-interest people like Dr. Seuss (for 2nd graders) and my knowledge of real-world math and hands-on learning to make it interesting and engaging. I used read-alouds and storytelling to connect with Native American students. We did a lot of writing from the students' own experiences.