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Higher Education Publications

The NEA Higher Education Advocate

The NEA Higher Education Advocate, published five times a year, provides NEA members with news and trends in higher education. Its "Thriving in Academe" section, jointly produced by NEA and the Professional and Organizational Development Network (POD) provides advice on pedagogical issues.

Thought & Action

Thought & Action, this well-respected annual journal of higher education, is refereed by a six-person faculty review panel. It is designed to provide an enlightened balance between theory and practice on issues in higher education.

The NEA Almanac of Higher Education

The NEA Almanac of Higher Education, published annually, provides current information on the entire scope of American higher education. It contains up-to-date information on faculty salaries and benefits; the economic conditions in the states; faculty workload; trends in bargaining; and information on non-faculty professionals on campus.

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