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First Book
If your student chapter celebrates Read Across America or sponsors afterschool tutoring programs, you should check out First Book. Their goal is to put books into the hands of children. Your chapter members can sign up for book discounts, volunteer First Book distribution centers, or participate in the First Book Advisory Council on your campus. Every Child Deserves Books.

Outreach to Teach
There was no generation gap in sight. More than 400 volunteers put down their pencils and picked up their shovels in San Diego last summer to give Balboa Elementary School a makeover. Outreach to Teach is sponsored by NEA's Student and Retired programs. (June 2009)

Florida Members Urge Legislators to Consider Raising Sales Tax to Fund Education
Student Program members and other marchers brought pennies March 18 to the state capital to encourage legislators to consider a three-year, one penny increase in the Florida sales tax.

Are Soaring Student Loans Scaring off Tomorrow's Teachers?
NEA members are struggling with student loan debt of unprecedented proportions. Here's why it matters, even if your college days (and bills) are a thing of the past.