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I keep a file labeled “Kudos” at my desk. It’s not big, but when challenges mount and frustrations abound, it’s encouraging to reach in and find a kind word from a colleague or customer. Pennsylvania member Michelle Gambino Fleck suggests you keep such a file in "Five Things To Do on the First Day of School." I urge you to take her advice, then tear this page out and place it inside.

You’re one of the hardest-working people in the United States, and you’re doing our most important work—preparing the next generation of citizens. You’re not paid what you’re worth, though you’ll likely spend a good deal of your own money for things your district won’t supply your students. You’re getting better every day, though policymakers who haven’t been in a classroom since they were students will tell you how to do your job.

Hang tough! Keep the faith! And keep putting your students first—your Association has your back.

Doug Walker

*In the last print edition of Go! we included a stock photo depicting a world map on which the nation of Israel was incorrectly identified (Resources, page 54). We regret the error and no longer use stock images from that source.

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