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Access, Remediation, and Retention in Higher Education

All Americans have a basic right of access to quality public education from preschool through graduate school. The heritage of free public educational opportunities for every American must be preserved and strengthened. All qualified students must have access to postsecondary programs without regard to age, gender, sexual orientation, disability, race, military registration status, or ability to pay.

Public expenditures for education must be considered an investment in the future of this nation.  Denying higher education access to any segment of our population is counter-productive to democracy. Therefore, outreach efforts to low income and historically disenfranchised populations are essential to provide them with access to full participation in American society.  Our nation is witnessing a growing redistribution of wealth.  The increased divide between rich and poor is resulting in the erosion of opportunities for access to higher education.  Reversing this trend will require a concerted effort to identify and motivate students, especially those at risk, and to provide them with access and support programs.

To increase student academic potential at the collegiate level, NEA recommends the following: