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The 2009 Global Education Summit

The 2009 Global Education Summit held on June 27, 2009  in San Diego engaged education leaders in two of the most critical issues of our times: 1) transformative global education and the vital role NEA members play in preparing future generations for an increasingly complex world and 2) the global economic crisis and its impact on education unions and public education.

Transformative Global Education — Engaging Our Affiliates and School Systems

Merry Merryfield, professor of Social Studies and Global Education at The Ohio State University, gave the keynote describing the challenges we face as educators to connect global issues to local concerns.

She highlighted the impact of new technologies and changing demographics, telling the audience, “Where borders, distances, and “us & them” divisions matter much less than does the global interconnectedness that binds our students’ future to people, issues and changes across the planet.”

View her presentation here

Small group discussions focused on key issues vital to transformative global education:

  • Advocating for Policies that Support Global Education Practice
  • Resources and Opportunities for Educators
  • Strategic Partnerships — An Association Perspective
  • Integrating Life Experience into the Classroom

Global Economic Crisis: Implications for Education Unions and Public Education

The global financial and economic crisis is impacting education unions and the quality of public education around the world.  Keynote speaker Bob Harris, Education International Senior Consultant, shared insights on the crisis and international strategies to ensure that stimulus investments focus on education. This economic crisis recognizes no geographic or political boundaries. 

As NEA and state associations formulate our response to the crisis, it is wise to be attuned to experiences and insights of our colleague education unions abroad. 

View his presentation here

For more information and to read Bob Harris’ blog on the global economic crisis and its impact of public education, visit: Hands Up for Education!

The latest edition of EI Worlds of Education includes Fred van Leeuwen’s editorial (p. 2) and Bob Harris’s article on the economic crisis (pp. 2-3):