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Tenure, Academic Freedom, and More

  • Academic Freedom
    NEA fights to protect Academic Freedom at both the campus and government levels, to ensure protection for the faculty and quality for the student.
  • Tenure
    Tenure is fundamental to the academy, but is facing threats on several fronts. See attached policies and articles on the topic.
  • Higher Education Funding
    In the midst of the national financial crises, higher education funding faces major challenges at national, state, and campus levels.
  • Contingents
    Colleges and universities are increasing their reliance on contingent faculty and staff, threatening major transformations in the nature of higher education.
  • Distance Education
    Financial and other pressures are increasing the reliance on non-traditional delivery of education. NEA is analyzing these developments closely to protect academic quality and the rights of faculty and staff.
  • Intellectual Property
    Intellectual Property rights go the heart of an academic’s self identity. NEA fights to protect creators rights in an age of corporatization.


NEA Higher Education Position Statments

Quality and Higher Education: Defining Our Stance

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