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Your Voice for Political Power

NEA lobbyists know that many key decisions on the future of higher education are mad by politicians, rather than by academicians. Faculty and staff need a strong, reliable voice to carry their recommendations to state capitals and to Washington, D.C. On the federal and state levels, NEA is a respected voice for the concerns of education and educational professionals.

On Capitol Hill, NEA lobbyists work effectively for increased financial support for higher education, including reauthorization of the Higher Education Act, the mainstay of higher education funding, and for increased funding for research. In addition, NEA lobbyists monitor legislation on issues such as tax reform, retirement, health care, intellectual property, distance education, internationalization, and other subjects that have a significant impact on all higher education personnel.

NEA also works for increased student aid so that more students will be able to afford a college education. NEA recognizes that such aid is essential to provide educational opportunities for women and minority students.

In elections, the NEA Fund for Children and Public Education supports pro-education candidates for federal offices, as well as political parties and organizations involved in the electoral process to help elect pro-education candidates and pass pro-education measures. All contributions are donated; none comes from member dues.

Over the years, better than three of every four candidates recommended by NEA have been elected to Congress and to state legislatures. Faculty and staff in higher education need to support and participate in this political process to ensure that the values represented by higher education and those who provide it are supported in our country's legislative processes.