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Real Health Care Stories: Betsy R.

I teach in a high school, and what I have found is that since the uninsured students need to go to the clinic at Morristown Memorial Hospital for their medical services, they do not go right away. They wait, and then they have to take an entire day since the wait is so long. They are also often asked to return for a follow-up, and so they miss another day.

I had a student who missed being able to play on the baseball team because of the length of time it took doctors to have tests run, get the results and reschedule appointments. This student’s blood pressure was high. He went to the clinic for a physical and then asked him to come back for more blood work, but it could not be scheduled for two more weeks. He went to that appointment and his results were back in another week. The doctor he was scheduled to see went on vacation and no one else would take his case, so now he hadn’t been taken care of for four weeks. By now the time for student applications and medical forms was past. He was finally able to get his blood pressure issues resolved, but because of the time frame, he missed out on being on the team. The coach gave him a job on the team, but what he actually wanted was to play. We need our athletes to be healthy, and blood pressure is not something to fool around with. If things had been done in an efficient and timely manner, this would not have happened.

– Betsy R.
Morristown, NJ

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