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Increasing number of undocumented students prompts new guide for schools

WASHINGTON - September 23, 2009 -

As the number of undocumented students in public K–12 schools continues to rise, school districts are facing new challenges in their efforts to make sure every child receives a quality education. The National Education Association and National School Boards Association jointly released a publication designed to help schools and educators address the issue and meet the needs of these students.

Sixteen national education organizations have signed on to the guide, “Legal Issues for School Districts Related to the Education of Undocumented Children.” The publication will go to every school district in the United States and is available on the NSBA and NEA Web sites. The guide provides answers to 13 questions that school districts face as they navigate the growing trend of undocumented student enrollment. 

“America’s classrooms are changing, and we need to change too,” said NEA President Dennis Van Roekel. “We must strengthen our school districts and the services they can provide to undocumented students.”

NEA General Counsel Robert Chanin added, "This guide will enable school districts to better understand the services that can and should be provided to undocumented students. If we can help educate school districts in advance, they will be able to act appropriately when an issue arises."


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