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NEA Policy Briefs

Achievement Gaps

Alternative Compensation

Charter Schools

  • Charter Schools: Proceed Deliberately, Monitor Diligently, and Learn What Can Be Scaled Up (2008) (PDF icon PDF, 210 KB, 4 pgs.)
  • Strengthening Charter School Policies (2011) (PDF icon PDF, 272 KB, 4 pgs.)

Cultural Competence

  • Promoting Educators' Cultural Competence To Better Serve Culturally Diverse Students (2008) (PDF icon PDF, 201 KB, 4 pgs.)

Curriculum Standards

Early Childhood Education

Elementary and Secondary Education Act (ESEA)

English Language Learners

Parent, Family, Community Involvement

Priority Schools

Safe Schools

School Leadership

  • Changing Role of School Leadership (2008) (PDF icon PDF, 283 KB, 4 pgs.)

School Reform

School Vouchers

  • Voucher Schemes: A Bad IDEA for Students with Disabilities (2008) (PDF icon PDF, 235 KB, 4 pgs.)
  • Vouchers? No, there are better alternatives (2009) (PDF icon PDF, 192 KB, 4 pgs.)

Science, Technology, Engineering and Math (STEM)

Special Education

Teacher Quality

Testing and Accountability

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