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The Affordable Health Care for America Act provides real reform without taxing America’s middle-class workers

WASHINGTON - October 30, 2009 -

Yesterday, the House of Representatives unveiled historic legislation that brings real reform to our health care system and puts the American public first. This bill meets the goals set out by President Obama: it extends coverage to uninsured Americans, curbs the growth of health care spending and provides security and protection for people who have insurance. This bill also follows one of the president’s main requirements: that it be fully paid for and “not add to our deficit.”

The following may be attributed to NEA President Dennis Van Roekel:

“Congratulations to Speaker Pelosi and the rest of the House leadership team, as well as Chairmen Waxman, Miller, Rangel and Rep. Dingell for developing what many thought was nearly impossible—comprehensive, quality health care reform that is affordable and will cover nearly all Americans without taxing benefits.

“An excise tax would devastate America’s working class. These workers have given up salary increases in order to keep health insurance coverage for themselves and their families, and any excise tax would just force employers to slash the benefits these workers have worked so hard to maintain.

“By including a public health insurance plan option, the House has sided against ballooning insurance company profits and for real choice and competition for all.  This is a very important step toward a future in which we no longer have 46 million people in this country—including 8 million children—uninsured and unable to afford basic health care.”  

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