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Partnership for Global Learning

NEA is a member of the Asia Society’s Partnership for Global Learning, an innovative membership network providing leadership and structure to move international education from the margins to the mainstream by connecting policy and practice in order to prepare American students to excel in an interconnected world.

Putting the World into World-Class Education: A National Imperative and a State and Local Responsibility

Recommendations to the President and Secretary of Education
NEA along with Asia Society and five other national education organizations call on President Obama, Secretary Duncan, and Congress to prioritize international education as part of an economic recovery and development plan.

Even as the United States tackles the immediate economic crisis, our long-term economic competitiveness and ability to deal with global military and environmental challenges urgently requires citizens prepared for the interconnected world of the 21st century. This national challenge demands immediate action by our new President and Congress, working with the nation’s Governors, educators, and business leaders, to create internationally competitive education systems that are held to world-class standards.

To do this, the United States must benchmark its educational system against international standards and practices, redesign high schools to prepare graduates who are college-ready and globally competent, invest in teacher training in international subject matter, expand national capacity for learning world languages—particularly Chinese and Arabic—and expand international teacher and student exchange programs. Click here for the full National Policy Recommendations (PDF).

For more information on the Partnership for Global Learning, click here.

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