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Sharing a Passion for Reporting

Nancy Giuliani vividly remembers when the National Journalism Education Association honored her with the 2009 Lifetime Achievement Award at its spring convention in Phoenix, Arizona. Her brother and sister were at her side, and she says she suddenly felt “that it had all been worth it,” Giuliani says. “I knew then that I had made a difference.”

Giuliani, a retired language arts and publications instructor from Newport, Oregon, was recognized for her commitment to scholastic journalism as Director of the Oregon Journalism Education Association. To sum it up, Giuliani successfully resurrected failing high school journalism programs across the state.

In the classroom, she was well-known for developing a curriculum that encompassed aspects of journalism ranging from proper etiquette to computer instruction. Above all, Giuliani wanted her students to value their own work.

 “When I handed an assignment back to my students, I know that it didn’t get thrown away, which is a great feeling,” she says.
Since retirement, Giuliani has incorporated her passion for reporting into a new project: Over the past few years she has compiled over 600 years of historical artifacts about her family, and has traced her heritage back several generations to Italy.  She says the project has allowed her to connect with her relatives in a new way.

“It helps my family have a sense of where we came from and why we are the people we are today.”

—Jazzy Wright


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