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The First-Year Teacher: Planning a Classroom that Works

How do students see first-year teachers?

Some students report they can easily identify first-year teachers because they are: inconsistent, lenient, nervous, slow to handle discipline problems, and they try to be your friend. How can you avoid being “labeled” on your first day?

Preparation is the key to a successful first year of teaching. Newly revised and expanded for K-12 classrooms, The First-Year Teacher: Planning a Classroom that Works is the guide that every beginning teacher needs to start the year with confidence. Whether moving from campus to classroom, elementary to secondary, or from another profession altogether, The First-Year Teacher provides step-by-step plans for the critical first four weeks of school, along with time-tested tips from experienced teachers.

Chapter by chapter, beginning teachers will learn how to:

  • Enter the job market
  • Prepare the classroom for the first day of school
  • Structure parent-teacher conferences and gain parental support
  • Develop a step-by-step classroom management plan for the first 30 days
  • Improve efficiency by employing timesaving techniques
  • Reflect on the first year and prepare for the next.

An effective teacher is a confident teacher, and confidence comes from preparation. Let The First-Year Teacher be your guide to a confident and successful first year—and career.


Meeting the Challenge: Special Education Tools that Work for All Kids

This book gives busy educators the tools they need to teach a classroom of students with various skill levels and special needs. General and special educators can find effective strategies to help students struggling to overcome academic or behavior difficulties. Recently revised, this toolkit is filled with useful ideas and practical, timesaving strategies, as well as sample checklists, rubrics, conference planning sheets and other resources teachers can copy and use or modify to make their own. Available for $15.95.

The Nitty-Gritty Classroom and Behavior Management Resource

This comprehensive resource offers practical teacher techniques, solutions and tips on classroom and behavior management topics. Regardless of experience level, this book helps teachers better relate to, understand and love their job. The Nitty-Gritty offers innovative ideas, visuals, and reproducible materials. Available for $22.95.

The Discipline Checklist: Advice from 60 Successful Teachers

How would you like to be able to consult with dozens for your colleagues without getting up from your desk? Sixty elementary teachers—each recognized for highly successful efforts at maintaining discipline—share their secrets of classroom management and suggestions for motivating today's students. Practical and easy to read, this checklist will help you be better prepared for beginning the school year; coach you on modeling positive interactions; and remind you of the importance of maintaining flexibility in your discipline strategies. Available for $4.50.


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