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NEA Hispanic Caucus Leader Addresses National Network of Latino Children's Service Providers

NEA Hispanic Caucus Chair Gilda M. Bloom-Leiva addresses more than 100 Latino children’s service providers at the annual forum of the National Latino Children’s Institute (NLCI) in Washington, DC. Bloom-Leiva addressed ways to improve low performing schools, which often have a high concentration of students of color. The forum theme was Building a Nation of Hope for Latino Children. 

Latino children’s service providers in attendance help students through stay-in school programs, afterschool programs, healthcare, mentoring and tutoring. 

Among other recommendations, Bloom-Leiva called for support for the transformation model of reforming public schools, more parent and community involvement in public education, and collaboration to disrupt the status quo in the educational status of Latino students.

The conference was co-sponsored by the National Education Association.

Pictured: NEA Hispanic Caucus Chair Gilda M. Bloom-Leiva delivering the luncheon keynote address before NLCI’s network of child advocates.