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Higher Education or Deportation?

Each year an estimated 65,000 undocumented students graduate from high school but are unable to go to college because of their immigration status. However, this hasn’t stopped many of them from organizing in favor of immigration reform in order to pursue their dreams of a higher education.

With the support of educators, students across the nation are demanding change in Washington, and lobbying for legislative change, specifically for the approval of the DREAM Act, which would allow thousands of talented young people to go to college.

Frances Márquez, American government professor at Gallaudet University, explains why she supports the DREAM Act.

photo: Rafael Crisóstomo


"I want these students to have the same opportunities that I had… These young people came to the United States as young children, they were educated here, they have every right to an education and we have to give them an opportunity. This is America’s future”.  


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