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Letter to House on Jobs -- District Information

June 25, 2010


Dear Representative:

An education jobs fund enacted as part of the emergency supplemental appropriations bill will save jobs and bring critical federal dollars to your district.  As the attached congressional district breakdown shows, an education jobs fund will have a significant impact in saving education jobs, keeping students learning, and boosting the local economy. 

Investing in education is a proven way to spur economic recovery.  Education jobs and the additional revenue they foster have a ripple effect on job creation and economic growth:

  • According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, Current Employment Survey, education is the second largest industry in American, just behind healthcare with 13.7 million workers, and is the source of employment for 11.1% of workers on the nation’s non-farm payrolls. 
  • According to the Economic Policy Institute, every 100,000 education jobs lost leads to the loss of an additional 30,000 jobs due to reduced consumer spending and less revenue.

Congress needs to act now.  Students get only one shot at an education.  It is not their fault they are in school during a devastating economic crisis.  Education reform can’t happen if there are no teachers in the classroom.  Fulfilling the promise of public education requires investing in the quality staff necessary to make sure every student has the individual attention and assistance necessary to excel.  In contrast, massive layoffs will lessen the quality of education a student receives -- a result that may prove irreversible in the long-run. 

Funding education jobs now is an investment in our nation’s future – helping to ensure an educated workforce and citizenry for the 21st century.  If we don’t pay now, we will pay later in the form remediation costs for a less prepared, less competitive workforce, and an increased demand for social safety net spending.  Unemployment numbers remain at record levels.  Adding hundreds of thousands of educators to the unemployment rolls will cause the rate to rise even more, and increase the number of people who need unemployment benefits and COBRA subsidies.

This crisis demands immediate action.  Our students, our communities, and our nation as a whole cannot afford the price of any further delay.  Congress must pass an education jobs fund as part of the emergency supplemental bill. 


Kim Anderson           
Director of Government Relations