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Editor’s Note

Education Reform: It’s Up to Us

As I run up against my deadline for this note, federal reauthorization of the Elementary and Secondary Education Act (ESEA), known since the George W. Bush years as the No Child Left Behind Act, appears to be heating up. NEA believes the Obama Administration’s blueprint for a new law has significant problems and raises serious concerns. We expected to see a much broader effort to truly transform public education for kids. Instead, this blueprint’s accountability system still relies on standardized tests to identify winners and losers.

In light of the economic challenges faced by our nation, and the very real consequences those challenges have had for students and educators alike, another challenge is perhaps not what we need just now. But the fact is, that if we don’t show Congress and the president what effective education reform looks like, no one will. NEA Members across the country are making a difference for students and schools. As your Congressional representative faces re-election, let her or him know what you need to see in a new bill.

Editor Doug Walker


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