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The board game for beginning teachers (download and print)

Teaching is rewarding, but nobody said it was  going to be easy. Especially at the start.

Your goal is to finish the year with as few psychic scars and as many psychic rewards as possible. Any number can play.

You’ll need two dice.
Start by rolling one to see whether you get a mentor:
1–3: No mentor. Boo!
4–6: You’re blessed with a mentor who has the time and training to help.

Roll one die to advance.
If you land on a scarring event (red), determine the damage by rolling two dice if you have no mentor, or one if you have a mentor. (Bigger numbers aren’t good here!) If you land on a rewarding event (gold), roll two dice to see how many rewards. Protective events (green) may help you avoid scars.

Keep a tally. At the end, subtract your scars from  your rewards.
More scars than rewards: Ouch! Don’t give up.  Many great teachers have rough starts.

More rewards: Well done! You may have had ups and downs, but you’re getting the hang of it!

Good luck!


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