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NEA ads hit hard in Colorado and North Carolina races

Candidates who undermine public schools and families are targets

WASHINGTON - October 12, 2010 -

NEA and its political action committees are running new television ads that go after candidates for failing to support public schools and families.  The ads will air in Colorado for the U.S. Senate race and in North Carolina’s 8th Congressional District.

The TV ad that began running in Colorado today is called “Math” and shows how anti-education Senate candidate Ken Buck’s plan for public schools “doesn’t add up.”  Buck wants to cut $1.1 billion from school budgets and fire 11,000 teachers and education support professionals, which will dramatically increase class size. 

“If candidates are pushing policies and proposals that undermine our efforts to improve public education, we’re definitely going to sound the alarm and let voters know,” said Karen M. White, director of NEA’s Campaigns and Elections Department.  “We will also speak up if they take positions that harm families and communities because we know that our students will end up paying the price.” 

The “Day at the Park” ad that begins airing in N.C.’s 8th Congressional District tomorrow takes on Harold Johnson for supporting a 23 percent national sales tax.  The tax would be a huge burden on families because it would force them to pay significantly more for everyday needs like groceries, gas and medicine.

NEA’s political action committees are also sending out 225,000 pieces of mail this week to voters in the 8th District urging voters to vote for education champion Rep. Larry Kissell, a former high school teacher. 

These latest ads and mailings are part of the NEA’s $15 million independent campaign launched last week to elect education champions in key federal races nationwide.  This week, the campaign is also sending 200,000 pieces of mail to Florida’s 22nd District urging voters to support Rep. Ron Klein.  Meanwhile, a radio ad that highlights the record of U.S. Sen. Patty Murray is running in the western part of Washington state.

 “This is going to be a tough election, and there’s too much at stake for educators to sit this one out. Our passion for creating great public schools for all students means we must get involved in this fight,” said White.

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