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NEA closes strong to aid education champions in mid-term elections

Association adds $2 million to independent campaign and unveils new ads

WASHINGTON - October 25, 2010 -

With eight days remaining until Election Day, the National Education Association is stepping up its efforts to elect education champions to the 112th Congress.  The Association has increased its independent expenditure campaign from $15 million to $17 million and is unveiling several new ads in key federal races that draw clear distinctions between pro-public education candidates and their opponents.  The ads hit the opponents hard on a variety of topics including education, jobs and the economy, the illegal drug epidemic, and Wall Street greed.

The following statement can be attributed to NEA Campaigns and Elections Manager Lynne Garramone-Mason:
"It is getting down to the wire and the stakes could not be higher. NEA is  letting voters know that our education champions will not only make good decisions about what’s best for public education but also the issues that touch families and communities across the country—jobs, the economy, strengthening the middle class, and protecting Social Security. Research shows educators are respected and valued community members; it’s our responsibility to let voters know the candidates we believe will be strong advocates for quality public education and working families."

Ad Scripts

Colorado Senate Race Ad:  Narrator: Extreme. Far right. Out of touch. He’s been called a lot of things – but the facts about Ken Buck speak for themselves. On Social Security, Ken Buck supports a plan to privatize it. Buck would put our Social Security in the hands of the same Wall Street raiders whose schemes threw the economy into a tailspin.  On student loans … Ken Buck would end federal student loan programs. If Buck has his way, college will be out of reach for many middle-class families. And on taxes, Ken Buck backs a radical plan to create a new 23 percent sales tax. Buck’s plan would end the home mortgage deduction and increase taxes on the middle-class – while eliminating taxes on corporations.  Ken Buck. Whatever word you use, he’s just too extreme for Colorado.

Kentucky Senate Race Ad:  Narrator:  Here’s Rand Paul.  Rand Paul: “Things that are non-violent shouldn’t be against the law.”  Narrator: Like other Libertarians he says drug laws are too harsh and Rand Paul says drugs are quote—not a pressing issue here in Kentucky.  Not pressing?  Drugs—especially Meth—are an epidemic in Kentucky. Lives, families, and whole communities destroyed every day.  Rand Paul: “Things that are non-violent shouldn’t be against the law.”

Washington State Senate Race Ad: Narrator: What is it with Dino Rossi and lobbyists?  Lobbyists helped him buy an apartment building. Then those same lobbyists helped him buy a bank, which was later cited by regulators for engaging in—quote—unsafe banking practices.  Now Dino’s got a new group of lobbyist pals in Washington, D.C.  They’re hosting his fundraisers and financing his campaign.  There’s an old saying Dino.  You lie down with dogs, you get up with fleas.

Pennsylvania Senate Race Ad:  Voice over: “The point is ladies and gentlemen that greed for lack of a better term is good..good..good (echo effect)”  Narrator: First there was Gordon Geko, who defined a generation of greed.  Now, Congressman Pat Toomey takes greed to a whole new level.  In Congress, Toomey voted to loosen regulations on Wall Street banks leading to the collapse of the financial and housing markets.  Voiceover: “Greed is good.” Narrator: Yet Toomey still supports a risky scheme to turn Social Security over to Wall Street speculators, gambling our retirement in the stock market.  Voiceover: “Greed is good.”  Narrator: Toomey thinks Wall Street bankers should keep the bonuses they gave themselves after getting bailed out by Washington but voted against a combat bonus for our troops fighting in Iraq and Afghanistan.  Voiceover: “Greed is good.”  Narrator: On November 2nd, at polling locations across Pennsylvania, send a message to Wall Street.  Say no to Pat Toomey.

Illinois 17th Congressional District Ad: Narrator: 150,000.  That’s how many Illinois jobs have been lost to unfair trade deals. But Bobby Schilling supports a new free trade deal with Korea. And Schilling says he’d support even more free trade deals. Schilling actually signed a pledge to support tax breaks for corporations that ship American job overseas.  Lost jobs for Illinois.  Tax breaks for corporations that outsource.  Illinois can’t afford Bobby Shilling.

New York 1st Congressional District Ad: Narrator: What do we really know about Randy Altschuler?  We know Altschuler is running for Congress on a platform of creating jobs, but where does he want to create these jobs?  We know his company has sent thousands of American jobs to foreign countries.  And according to Time Magazine, Altschuler is a leader of “an industry devoted to making outsourcing happen” Now we find out Altschuler signed the Americans for Tax Reform pledge because it supports tax breaks for outsourcing. What will that mean for New York?  If Altschuler is elected to congress, that will be one more vote to protect tax breaks for companies who ship jobs overseas. That’s one more Republican vote against New York’s middle class families. Randy Altschuler – wrong on jobs and wrong for New York.

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