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Letter to the House in Support of an Extension of the Middle Class Tax Cuts

December 02, 2010

Dear Representative:

The National Education Association, representing 3.2 million dedicated educators, would like to express our strong support for extending tax cuts for middle class and working families.  We strongly urge you to VOTE YES on such an extension and to oppose any extension of tax cuts for the top two percent of taxpayers.

America’s middle class, including educators and other public servants, has taken the brunt of the recession.  Millions of people are still out of work and small businesses are hurting.  Ninety-eight percent of Americans face losing their tax breaks – unless Congress agrees to support working parents and middle class families. 

Extending the middle class tax cuts means all taxpayers will receive tax breaks up to $250,000 of income but not on amounts above that.  Those making more than $250,000 will still get $6,400 in tax cuts (compared to $1,100 for median income families).  In contrast, extending the tax cuts for the top earners would mean the highest one percent (earning an average of $800,000 a year) would get a tax break of $94,000 and receive 46 percent of the revenue spent on tax cuts; median income families would receive approximately $1,100 a year (Americans for Responsible Taxes). 

Extending the middle class tax cuts will provide a boost to the economy.  Middle income and working families are more likely to spend the tax savings they receive – wealthy people are likely to save it and add to their wealth. 

We urge Congress not to hold tax relief for 98 percent of Americans hostage to tax cuts for the wealthiest. 


Kim Anderson         
Director of Government Relations

Mary Kusler
Manager of Federal Advocacy