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Joe Slate

When Joe Slate was a child, his great-aunt promised him she’d live forever. She even wore a mystical emerald pendant that she called her “fountain of youth.” Fascinated, Slate went on to devote his life to studying aging and rejuvenation, researching and teaching psychology at Athens State University. He’s published 16 books on topics from aura energy to hypnosis to out-of- body experiences.

“I don’t hesitate to get outside the box and go beyond the perceived limits of conventional science,” he said. “The greatest of challenges is knowing ourselves, and we certainly don’t know everything about the universe.”

Slate, the epitome of an Alabama gentleman and a fine storyteller, said his work with rejuvenation has become increasingly important as he’s gotten older. Rejuvenation: Strategies for Living Younger, Longer and Better guides readers through exercises designed to strengthen the mind’s ability to positively influence the body, managing pain, improving memory and even slowing the aging process.

“These are techniques that put you in charge of your life,” he said.

And if you’re curious about what became of Slate’s great aunt, you’ll have to – you guessed it – read the book.

To order, visit Llewellyn Worldwide.


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