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Joanne Silver

Though she retired from teaching French, Joanne Silver hasn’t lost touch with the language she loves. In 2002, she founded Beach Lloyd Publishers, which has produced dozens of World War II memoirs, narratives, and documentaries, many in both French and English.

The undertaking that started it all was Memoirs from Normandy, by Armand Idrac and translated by Silver. They met when she traveled for the first time to France. Fast friends, the pair stayed in touch, and in 2000, he entrusted her with a stack of papers chronicling his childhood and war experiences at Normandy.

“He never spoke of it,” she said of the D-Day landings. “I told him, ‘You should write an epilogue. You still know the people who owned the chateau you took refuge in.’ He didn’t want to. ‘You don’t know what this cost me, emotionally,’ he said.”

Once she translated the work, Silver also published an edited “classroom version” for teachers, using her 28 years of teaching experience to guide her. Now, in retirement, she devotes her energy to keeping Holocaust awareness alive.

“I believe in publishing these memoirs so that young people can learn from the mistakes of the past,” she said. “So we don’t turn our backs on people being persecuted.”

For more information, visit Beach Lloyd Publishers.


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