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Audry Lynch

Audry Lynch has an “other man” in her life – but she’s never met him. John Steinbeck is the love of this Mission Community College professor’s (academic) life.

Lynch, a former junior high counselor, has published several books on the prolific author, including With Steinbeck on the Sea of Cortez: A Memoir of the Steinbeck / Ricketts Expedition and a book on James Dean and Steinbeck’s interconnectedness.

“He’s the kind of author you can relate to – the people, the history,” she said, “It’s relevant to most Americans.”

When she and her husband moved to California from Massachusetts, Lynch began frequenting Steinbeck festivals and discussions, interviewing along the way his neighbors and friends. In 2000, she compiled these stories in Steinbeck Remembered.

Lynch appreciates the timelessness of Steinbeck’s themes, and how his direct, clear writing is approachable for students.

“There’s always something exciting with his work, even though he’s dead. For young students, there’s always new territory with Steinbeck,” she said. 

To order, visit Lynch’s Amazon page.


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