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Isabelle C. Chang

For as long as she can remember, school librarian Isabelle C. Chang has felt compelled to write, and she has been churning out books and plays for over 50 years.  Her published writings run the gamut from cookbooks to fairytales, but Chang says she has always been fueled by the same desire - to keep the past alive.  Much of her work is devoted to preserving her Chinese heritage.  She recorded family recipes in What’s Cooking at Changs, and she has published an extensive collection of Chinese folklore in the books Chinese Fairy Tales, Tales from Old China, and The Magic Pole.  Chang also has a passion for American history, and she is the author of a historical novel about Artemas Ward, the first commander in chief of the American Revolutionaries.  But the work she is most proud of is her memory play, “The Birth of the Pill,” which describes how her husband Min Chueh Chang accidentally discovered the birth control pill.  A prolific writer, Chang says her mission has always been to tell the truth as she sees it, and she hopes that future generations will benefit from her work.  “When I’m gone, people might not remember me,” she says, “but maybe they’ll read my book and say ‘I learned something.’”

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