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MetLife Survey show teachers’ commitment to quality education and success

Survey reinforces need for collaboration to help all students succeed

WASHINGTON - March 09, 2011 -

Results of the MetLife Survey of the American Teacher:  Preparing Students for College and Careers show a majority of teachers, parents and business leaders agree that preparing all students for college and careers should be one of the nation’s highest priorities in education. Representing the views of middle and high school teachers, students, and parents, as well as Fortune 1000 executives, there is little disagreement among key education stakeholders that preparing all of our students for college and careers should be a priority, but opinions differ on how best to accomplish this national goal.

“We must educate our way to a better economy and give our students the support and tools they need to compete in the global marketplace. On that point there’s no disagreement,” said Van Roekel. “The survey shows teachers agree with parents, students and business leaders that preparing all students for college and careers should be a top priority, but there’s no one-size-fits-all approach to reach this critical goal. Practitioners in the classroom bring important perspectives, reminding us that programs and resources are essential to help diverse learners, those with the highest needs, meet college-and career-ready standards.”

“We need specific strategies and targeted resources designed to reach high risk students. We can’t ignore or minimize the challenge of poverty and environment. All of our students must be prepared for college and careers, and all of our educators must have the tools and resources necessary to get the job done,” said Van Roekel.

Executives overwhelmingly said critical thinking, problem solving, and strong writing skills are absolutely essential or very important. As a founding member of the Partnership for 21st Century Skills, NEA has encouraged the business community to support state efforts to integrate problem solving and critical thinking into content areas. Currently, 13 states have taken up the challenge and become partners in this effort. 

“The way forward requires collaboration and targeted education strategies and resources,” said Van Roekel. “The MetLife survey shows we’re essentially in agreement on the destination – ensuring a clear path to college and careers for all our students in the 21st century. Now it’s critical for key education stakeholders to commit to work together to determine the most effective and efficient ways to deploy our resources toward making this priority a reality.”

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