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How do students see first-year teachers?

Some students report they can easily identify first-year teachers because they are: inconsistent, lenient, nervous, slow to handle discipline problems, and they try to be your friend. How can you avoid being "labeled" on your first day?

Preparation is the key to a successful first year of teaching. Newly revised and expanded for K–12 classrooms, The First-Year Teacher:  Planning a Classroom that Works is the guide every new teacher needs to start the year with confidence. Whether moving from campus to classroom, elementary to secondary, or from another profession altogether, The First-Year Teacher provides step-by-step plans for the critical first four weeks of school, along with time-tested tips from experienced teachers.  

Chapter by chapter, beginning teachers will learn how to:

  • Enter the job market
  • Prepare the classroom for the first day of school
  • Structure parent-teacher conferences and gain parental support
  • Develop a step-by-step classroom management plan for the first 30 days
  • Improve efficiency by employing time-saving techniques
  • Reflect on the first year and prepare for the next

Let The First-Year Teacher be your guide to a successful first year—and career. Available for $18.95.


50 Strategies for Active Teaching: Engaging k-12 Learners in the Classroom

50 Strategies for Active Teaching is designed to help you actively engage your students in their own learning.  It presents powerful principles of active teaching, helps you select active teaching strategies and implement them across the curriculum, and provides advice on tailoring your teaching to particular learners.  As a result, students’ motivation to learn increases, their learning is enhanced, and the teaching and learning process is more rewarding for all.  The accompanying Teacher Resources CD contains 32 printable templates designed to help you implement selected strategies found in the text.  Available for $19.95.


The Graduation Gift Pack:

Countdown to the First Day of School
Pitfalls and Potholes: A Checklist for Avoiding Common Mistakes of Beginning Teachers
Bright Ideas: A Pocket Mentor for Beginning Teachers
Get off to a good start with the Graduation Gift Pack, a collection of three great titles from the NEA Checklist Series written especially for classroom rookies.  Countdown to the First Day of School offers a time-saving checklist along with practical advice for getting acquainted, making management preparations, setting rules and procedures, organizing your classroom, and more. Pitfalls and Potholes helps you avoid many of the mistakes new teachers say they wish someone had told them about in college. This user-friendly checklist makes it easy for you to grasp the nuts and bolts of landing a job, managing student behavior, maintaining personal priorities, and more.  Developed from tips by veteran teachers, the checklists found in Bright Ideas are designed to increase a first-year teacher’s chances for success.  Student teachers, beginning teachers, and even mentors will find these tips helpful.   Give yourself the gift of the Graduation Gift Pack, and make sure you get off to a good start.  Available for $12.95.

You can find these and other valuable resources at the NEA Professional Library.  Order online or call 800.229.4200.

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