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Global Action Week - May 2-8, 2011

Millions of children and adults around the world can’t read or write and will never reach their full potential because they have never been to school. Every year the Global Campaign for Education organizes Global Action Week to draw attention to the millions of children, youth and adults who cannot realize their human right to receive a quality education.

Global Action Week celebrates the anniversary of the 2000 World Education Forum in Dakar where the Education for All (EFA) goals were affirmed.

The focus of Global Action Week 2011 is the plight of millions of girls and women from underdeveloped and developing countries who do not have access to quality education. Investing in a girl’s education is an investment in a more prosperous future – not only for girls, but for entire communities and countries. Study after study shows that investing in the education of women and girls can reduce poverty, stimulate the economy, and lead to better health and nutrition outcomes for women and their families. And yet, more than half of the world’s nearly 70 million out-of-school children are girls.

What You Can Do

Here are five ways you can participate in Global Action Week:

JOIN the Blue Ribbon Campaign

  1. Print out the Blue Ribbon Campaign ribbon sheet (3 ribbons per sheet). 
  2. Sign your name in support of providing access to quality education in developing countries or ask students to write why going to school is important for all the world’s children. Tape or staple ribbon to make a chain of paper ribbons.
  3. Send your chains to Washington, D.C. by April 18, 2011 to be included in a giant chain of blue ribbons from schools across the United States that will be displayed during Global Action Week. Send your chains to:

    International Relations
    National Education Association
    1201 16th Street NW
    Washington, DC 20036

SPREAD THE WORD on Facebook, Twitter, or other social media sites.

TAKE ACTION! Sign the petition calling on the President Obama to made education a development priority.

TEACH the Lesson for All in your classroom or community to raise awareness of the Education for All goals and help mobilize the public to create political will in the United States and internationally to improve education for children around the world. Access the Lesson for All teacher toolkit online or download the toolkit here (PDF, 734 KB, 22pp).

SHARE your photos and videos of students making Blue Ribbon Chains or ask students to send a video message to Congress on why they support access to quality public education and making Education for All a reality. Flickr site will be available after April 18, 2011. 

“The Lesson for All is a much-needed resource to engage American students and educators in the global campaign to achieve Education for All. Our collective action can play a critical role in improving women’s and girls’ access to education, career opportunities, and economic independence in developing nations. Together we can make a difference by opening school doors to millions of children and giving every child the chance and hope in life that an education brings.”

—Dennis Van Roekel, President, National Education Association