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She’s Been There

Photo: Rinkey's Photography

Magaly Miralles still remembers how miserable she felt as an 8-year-old Venezuelan immigrant, dropped into an American classroom where she sat crying, unable to understand her new teacher. “Without the language, it was so difficult!” she recalls. Now, as a teacher of English language learners in Rosemount, Minnesota, Miralles makes sure to take those shell-shocked students—the ones that remind her of her younger self—“under my wing.” Last year, because of her success in promoting beneficial programs for ELL students and parents, Miralles won the National Education Association’s George I. Sanchez Memorial Award. Though honored, Miralles is quick to remind people that she is not the only one caring for English language learners in public schools. “This is something ELL teachers have been doing for a long time,” she says, “so I think this award belongs to everyone who  has worked hard as an ELL teacher.”

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