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Works 4 Me--Spring is Sprung!


How can you take advantage?

My math class made a geometry book by photographing geometric shapes around the school—inside and outside... . [Also] I offer my students an extra recess as an incentive. When it is earned, we go outside and play a rousing game of kickball. I pitch for both sides just to be fair.
Lynn Cashell
Fourth-grade teacher
Springfield, Pennsylvania

When I was in elementary school in the Bronx in the 1940s, each spring we bought narcissus bulbs for 10 cents, took them home, nurtured them, and then returned our flowering product. There were prizes for the “best.” I never won. A girl named Hulda Shock always won.
Barbara Grubman
Los Angeles, California


Alena Brozova

Ah yes, springtime. For an English teacher, spring is a great time to teach Romeo and Juliet or the many poems with love/spring themes. I am planning A Midsummer Night’s Dream with ninth graders, since it also is about love and the forces of nature. 

Robert Emerson
High School English teacher
San Francisco, California

I teach first grade, and the spring weather brings so much excitement of things to come! I keep kids engaged by using the outdoors in my curriculum. For example, the students are excited to catch ladybugs (and want to bring them in from recess), so I use ladybugs in our science study on plants or in my literature selections. The students do real “field work” by keeping records of their observations in their journals, and they write stories about ladybugs. Other hot topics include swimming and the beach, gardening, and kite flying.

Deborah Klein Harvey
First-grade teacher
Sacramento, California

After the big state test has been administered, there often is a perception that school is kind of “done.” I like to put on a play at this point. The students make costumes and bring in props. Even my chronic absentee perked up and showed up because she had a part in the play. Also you can perform for other classes and those teachers often appreciate the change of pace.

Nadine A. Pierce
Seventh-grade teacher
Kingsland, Georgia


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