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Work, Health, and Environment Book Series: Call for Manuscripts

Series Editors:
Charles Levenstein, Robert Forrant, John Wooding


With sixteen titles  published as of 2011, this series  was launched at the beginning of a  new millennium when, even then, it was  evident that the brave talk  of a new golden age for workers was the cruel and  empty rhetoric of  promises unfulfilled. Around the world workers and  communities have  fallen victim to unsafe workplaces and polluted environments.  Too  many people remain without well-paying jobs or are hopelessly   under-employed. With the global financial system in disarray, the  tension  remains intense between jobs and sustainable worker and  community health. 

• In the United  States far too many workers needed  more than one job to lift them  beyond the poverty level. 

• Across Europe  unemployment rates are intractably  high and several countries are  dramatically cutting the social safety net. 

• In Asia and much of  the developing world workers  slave in unsafe factories for wages  that are appalling low.  

• In Africa, ravaged  by AIDS and war, only the lucky  few can put bread on the table. In  most of the globe the threat of  environmental catastrophe and the  erosions of indigenous cultures continue  unabated. 

• The world over  millions of working families subsists  on less than $2US a day while  the assault on workers’ basic workplace rights   accelerates.

Books in the  series explore these issues and we  invite manuscripts and book  proposals for series consideration. 

To be sure, gains  have been made. Certainly medical  advances and public health  initiatives have ended the fear of disease and  early death for many.  Standards of living have improved for some and the  growing awareness  of threats to health and environment has made many more  people  willing to fight for healthy lives. But much remains to be done in the   face of the “free marketers” who attack the role that democracy and  government  can play in protecting the lives of citizens throughout  the world. 

Does this mean that  there is nothing we can do? We  must understand this era with good  analysis and innovative strategies guided  by the very best research.  We need to engage with and understand what is going  on in the world  and develop and propose viable alternatives and progressive   strategies.  This in essence is the purpose of this book  series and  the point of our focus.

We have titled the  series WORK, HEALTH, AND  ENVIRONMENT.  The conjunction  of topics is deliberate and critical.   We begin at the point of  production.  Work is essential to all our  lives.  Work is  where things are made, good as well as bad.  While  work can  bring income and meaning, it can also bring danger and threats to   health.  The point of production is where goods and services  are produced  but it is also where environmental contamination and  pollution originate.  

The starting point  for the series is that work,  health, and environment are intimately  linked.  In this series we publish  works that analyze and  describe the relationship between what goes on in the  workplace and  its public health and environmental consequences. We define  health  and environment broadly. For us health is not limited to the absence of   disease or to individual well-being.  It must also mean a  healthy and  sustainable economy, a democratic and participatory  politics, a workplace  where the rights of workers are respected and  enforced, and communities that  are resilient, crime free and  nurturing of the physical and mental health of   all.

Again, if you are  doing research in these areas and  are in search of a publication  outlet please forward an abstract so that we  might consider your  work for the series with Baywood Press. Send your abstract  to  Charles Levenstein:

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