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NCESP NEA Representative Assembly Announcements

The 2014 NEA Representative Assembly (RA) will be held at the Colorado Convention Center, June 26 – July 6 in Denver, CO. Visit the 2014 NEA Annual Meeting and Representative Assembly page to review the RA agenda.

During the RA, NCESP will hold two General Membership meetings. For your convenience, meeting times and locations have been listed below. Please note that all room location announcementss are tentative locations. If the location should change, updated announcements will be placed on this page and on the message boards at the RA.

NCESP General Membership Meeting #1
Colorado Convention Center
Tuesday, July 1, 2014
3:30 p.m. - 5:30 p.m.
Room: To Be Determined

NCESP General Membership Meeting #2
Colorado Convention Center
Friday, July 4, 2014
During the RA lunch break
Room: To Be Determined

2014 NCESP Election Announcement

NCESP elections will be held at the 2014 NEA Representative Assembly. Election results will be recorded below once the elected winners are announced. Candidate statements submitted by the official deadline will be posted on this page for your convenience.

NCESP ESP At-Large Director Endorsement Reminders

NCESP will conduct an endorsement process for members running for NEA ESP At-Large Board of Director seats. This will be held during the NCESP General Membership Meeting at the NEA Representative Assembly. You are welcome to attend our meeting. Approximate start and end times of the endorsement process will be made available in the near future. Due to a heavy business agenda, it is imperative for all candidates to arrive promptly for their assigned time slot. Information regarding additional candidate requirements will be posted in the near future.

Additional Resources: At-Large Endorsement Procedures, At-Large Questionnaire (updated version to be posted)


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